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Adam Buick in Conversation with Joanna Bird

A talk between Adam Buick and Joanna at the gallery in Chiswick. They discussed Adam’s source of materials; iron pyrites from the beach where he surfs, his love of the Moon Jar form and the process of wood firing.

Adam is a potter working in Lanferran on the North coast of the St. Davids peninsula Wales. Using the Moon Jar form as a canvas and his knowledge of archaeology, he creates surfaces which are derived from his continuous study of his surroundings to map observations. Adam incorporates stone and locally dug clay into the work to create a narrative that conveys a unique sense of place. Through his site-specific work, Adam also engages in concepts of change, natural cycles, and the transient nature of human endeavour.

Friday 16th July, 6.30pm, at the Joanna Bird Gallery, 19 Grove Park Terrace, London W4 3QE. This event was held in association with the Joanna Bird Foundation.